Programs for Troubled Teens Portland, ME

Elevations RTC is an organization that is at the leading edge of Therapy Programs for Troubled Teens by providing effective Residential Treatment for teens from Portland, ME. We provide targeted training and the life skills necessary for acquiring recovery from substance use to teens from Portland, ME who are struggling with a number of psychological issues. Although normally adolescents lean toward feeling the urge to establish their independence, it’s uncharacteristic for them to start behaving in a way that could be dangerous. When a teen begins acting out in a negative manner, it could put him or her at risk for addiction, substance use, or a host of other forms of physical or mental health problems.

Programs for Troubled Teens that provide Residential Treatment also offer a number of services. These can include building confidence, military-type discipline, and treatments for drug and alcohol use, as well as psychological counseling for various emotional and behavioral problems, like addiction. There are no standard definitions in existence for particular program types, and the government doesn’t regulate them. What these programs are intended for is to make available an alternative to hospitalization or incarceration that has proven to be less restrictive for struggling teenagers.

An overwhelming number of teens from the Portland, ME area, who are at-risk; and their parents are trying hard to deal with these issues that have a tendency more and more these days to beleaguer young people. Most of them can be successfully treated when their problems are addressed early enough. Compelling evidence shows that therapeutic intervention can be successful in assisting troubled adolescents; and even though we may be located outside the area of Portland, ME, we accept teenagers from all over the U.S.

At Elevations RTC, we believe in healing from the inside out and have consultants readily available for the guidance and coaching of parents as well. So, give us a call today at (855) 290-9681.

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Help For Troubled Adolescents

Although it is possible that Elevations may be located outside of the Portland, ME area, Elevations accepts enrollments from at-risk adolescents from all over the US. Also, it is beneficial to have struggling teenagers receive healing service at a therapeutic program for troubled youth away from the negative influences of unsupportive peers.

As a program for troubled teens and a fully accredited academic program, Elevations RTC provides the therapy and evidence-based treatment troubled teenage boys and girls need, to work through their problems; while also ensuring their education is not Elevations RTC - Sad teenager in recovery from substance use at treatment center for youthinterrupted. Elevations helps adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 who are struggling with mental health or emotional problems, behavioral issues, substance use, and other problematic conditions using a variety of therapeutic interventions that have been proven to be effective.

The Benefits of a Co-ed Environment

When parents are looking for a medical treatment program for their struggling teenager, one of their primary concerns involves whether a all gender or single sex facility would be most beneficial. Although there are advantages to both, Elevations is a all gender facility because the latest research indicates that there are no real benefits to single sex programs and facilities. However, a all gender setting allows adolescents to gain experience, view different learning styles, and develop insight that a single sex environment cannot provide.

The choice to place your child in a Residential Treatment Center is never easy. We have helped hundreds of parents through the decision process, and we can get you the information you need. Talk to one of our Advocates today: 1.855.290.9681

It is also important to note that teenage boys and girls that have completed a single sex treatment program may have difficulty adjusting to a all gender environment after they leave the facility. This is particularly true for girls.

At Elevations, we have licensed teachers on staff who teach in their specific content area. Classes include Pre-Algebra through Pre-CalculusBiology, Chemistry, English, Earth Science, Physics, Social Studies, and Spanish. In addition, we offer a comprehensive art program that allows students to explore their creative side through drawing, painting, pottery, and sculpting.

At Elevations RTC, we are committed to helping troubled adolescents from the Portland, ME area; to address their problems, while also regaining their self-confidence and developing the positive mindset they need to discover the person they are deep inside.

Counseling For Troubled Teens

When troubled teenage boys and girls from the Portland, ME area are struggling with substance use/ addiction, mental health issues, or behavioral problems, a therapeutic program can provide the methods of medical care needed for a Elevations RTC - Cheerful teenage boys and girls recovering from drug use at treatment center for youthsuccessful recovery. As one of the nation’s top all gender residential programs, Elevations RTC offers a unique combination of the most advanced therapeutic interventions available to help adolescents discover the person they are truly meant to be.

Abusing drugs and alcohol can significantly impair a teenager’s academic performance, which can have a tremendous impact on their future. At Elevations, we understand the importance of making certain a adolescent gets back on track academically. As a fully accredited academic facility staffed by teachers licensed in their content area, we help make this happen. In our all gender academic program, students are offered Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Physics, Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus, Social Studies, Spanish, and Art.

Top Program for At Risk Youth in Portland, ME

Despite the fact that single-sex treatment programs and institutions have become popular in recent years, there is minimal scientific research that indicates any advantages over a all gender environment. In fact, research suggests that it can be detrimental because stereotypes are reinforced the more time the two sexes are kept apart. In addition, teenage boys and girls who attend all gender programs tend to have better social skills that they can continue to put to positive use after they return home.

When parents from Portland, ME are in need of guidance or assistance with a struggling adolescent, the professional consultants at Elevations RTC are here to help.

Thousands of parents across the US are living lives filled with frustration and fear, because they are ill-equipped to handle the problems their teens are struggling with. For answers call 1.855.290.9681

National Mental Health Resources for Parents and Teens

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – The largest and most comprehensive grassroots mental health community in the USA, NAMI is dedicated to building healthier lives for millions of Americans who are afflicted by mental illness. This is any condition that affects the way a person feels, thinks or their mood which can in turn affect their ability to relate to others and function normally on a daily basis. The organization forms the national public policy landscape for anyone with mental illness and their families, plus provides grassroots volunteer leads with resources, tools and necessary skills in all states to save mental health.

Portland, ME Resources for Parents and Struggling Youth

Families from Portland, ME who are investigating assistance, have made Elevations RTC their first choice for their struggling child who may be experiencing alcohol use/overuse, sleep disorders, or narcissistic behavior. Here at Elevations, our therapists understand the frequent obstacles that struggling teenage boys and girls from Portland, ME are faced with every day; and we offer a superior Fully-accredited, Academic Treatment Program and Residential Treatment Center for our Happy teenagers transforming at a therapeutic facility for at-risk adolescentsstudents, so they can recognize and take care of their social-related issues in a way that is healthy. Our robust Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach relies on connection, trust, and respect; thus inspiring an intrinsically motivated recovery that lasts a lifetime.

Our successful processing traumatic memories through EMDR and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is based on a solid trifecta of trust and respect. Through this approach, we inspire an intrinsically motivated recovery that lasts a lifetime. Here at Elevations, we include the entire family (especially the parents) in the process of our student’s rehabilitation, recovery, and progress. Through our valued Therapeutic Treatment Facility, Elevations has restored the lives of countless struggling teenage boys and girls in the past, including those from Portland, ME.

Our Therapeutic Treatment Facility has shown to cause life changing results for our students and their families. Through our top-notch processing traumatic memories through EMDR and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, struggling adolescent boys and girls can grow to be healthy adults, and Elevations’ students can emerge as strong people who are motivated to succeed. Elevations recognizes that the entire family needs the service that our expert therapists give; so that your child can be restored and whole. Elevations’s intake counselors can be reached immediately at (855) 290-9681.