Residential Treatment Centers for Teens

Depressed teen girl in need of therapyAs a premier therapeutic program for struggling adolescentsElevations RTC and their licensed therapists offer quality assistance to teens experiencing clinical depression, ADD/ADHD (attentional disorders), and/or other mental health issues. We recognize that parents often face a significant challenge finding a trustworthy residential treatment center that can accommodate their loved one and help get the troubled teen’s life back on track. At Elevations (RTC) Residential Treatment Center, we acknowledge this reality and urge parents to examine the benefits of working with our licensed professional staff who thrive in Elevations group home setting. You may be, like many other parents, looking for programs for troubled teens. If this is true, you can feel reassured that Elevations RTC is an established therapeutic drug rehab program that has been successful in transforming and shaping the lives of hundreds of teens in crisis.

Through proper therapy and rehabilitation, we are confident that our program will bring about the same magnificent results with your son or daughter. We recognize that agonizing over your child’s health and safety is a tiresome, complicated, and yet delicate job for any parent. Bringing peace of mind to your family through the healing process is what gets us up in the morning. Let us do our job. Elevations is a unique program because we have more to give than your typical “group home” or “rehab” program. Many think of us as a “home away from home” that provides around-the-clock care, individual therapy, and quality academics. We built this program to ensure that your child will have a better future because of their experience with Elevations RTC.

Call us for more information at (855) 290-9681 to see how we might help you.

Addiction Treatment Centers For Teens

Troubled teen girl in individual therapyIf you are considering an addiction rehab center for your troubled teen, then our successful substance use therapy program may be the answer to your prayers. Often, when parents recognize that their son or daughter is struggling with drug addiction or other types of substance use, they panic and begin to blame themselves. Panic and self-blame is natural, but be assured that your loved one’s addiction is not likely your fault.

Today, it is often easier for a curious teen to access drugs, and as a result, more parents are on the internet looking for residential treatment centers for troubled youth. In fact, a study covered by CBS News claims that, for a teenager, marijuana is easier to obtain than cigarettes or beer. The study states that “For the first time since the study began.. marijuana edged out cigarettes and beer as the easiest drug for teenagers to buy.”

Substance Use Treatment Centers

Students in recovery at Elevations RTCElevations RTC provides more than just rehabilitation for adolescents. Through our unique “5 Peaks” program, our students experience a top-notch clinical & medical program, college preparatory academics, exciting adventure-based activities, planning for the future, and strong leadership value training. Also, we are a recovery center. Here your child can recover from their struggle with substance use and addiction. Your loved one will acquire healthier habits and become both physically and emotionally wholesome again. Elevations RTC has been successfully functioning as a residential treatment center for years. This experience as a recovery center has provided us a level of expertise, and our proven results can’t be equaled.

Teen Treatment Center for You

The first step in improving the life of your teenager is to reach out and get in touch with one of our family advocates today. If we determine together that Elevations RTC is the right place for your family, then we can begin supporting your loved one to become the happy, healthy person they are capable of being. We know that acquiring assistance from others can be stressful and even an embarrassing process. And yet, when you see the positive change that your teen experiences, all the work will be worth the energy. Contact one of our family advocates today at (855) 290-9681.

Additional Resources for Parents of Troubled Youth

Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – Learn how healthcare professionals address common mental illnesses and substance use disorders and how SAMHSA helps people access treatments and services.

NIDA (NIDA) – The Science of Drug use and Addiction, NIDA’s mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug use and addiction.

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Trust your instincts. If you feel your teen is involved in activities that are dangerous to themselves or others, get help. (385) 217-2403