5 Reasons Teens Fail In School

sleeping-teenAcademic Disaster?

Keeping your teen on the right track in school can be a real challenge for many parents. If you’re currently going through this situation, it is important that you realize that there are often underlying factors behind a student’s academic failure. Many times, parents don’t realize that these other factors are influencing their teen’s school performance, and this makes their efforts to fix the situations ineffective. If you have a son or daughter who has recently started struggling in school, it is important to consider the reasons why:

Why Do Teens Fail In School?

5 – Lack of personal attention – A common reason for a teen to struggle in school is a lack of personal attention from teachers. If a student has troubled grasping concepts in a class they often don’t get the help they need to catch up. Luckily, this is easy for parents to deal with. You can simply hire a tutor for your son or daughter or help them yourself.

4 – Learning disorders – An undiagnosed learning disorder can be a major challenge to anyone trying to succeed academically, and often schools don’t have the resources necessary to identify and help those dealing with this issue.

3 – Negative peer influences – A major reason for teens starting to struggle in school is negative peer pressure. If your son or daughter is surrounded by friends who don’t care about school and don’t take their academics seriously, then it could be encouraging them not to care as well.

2 – Substance use – When a teen gets involved in drug or alcohol use, they will often stop focusing on schoolwork. Negative peer pressure is often tied into this decision to begin experimenting with substance use.

1 – Depression – Mental health issues like depression are very common among teens, and can make success in school nearly impossible. If your teen is dealing with depression, then they will likely need professional help to get back on the right track.

Getting The Right Academic Help

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