A Brief But Intimate Look At Our Nation’s Most used Drugs

Most addictive drugs According to Business Insider

It’s no secret… America is addicted to prescription and illicit drugs like never before. With pharmaceutical companies manufacturing enough drugs to kill every man, woman, and child, in conjunction with doctors over-prescribing said drugs, it’s no wonder as to why millions of our nation’s youth are addicted to harmful substances.

What are the most addictive drugs? This article gives an intimate look at our country’s most used drugs.

Author’s Note: As a parent, it is crucial to be aware of the potential dangers your child faces coming into the new year. Unfortunately, drug addiction continues to be a serious issue with today’s teenage culture.  Suffice to say, it’s not a bad idea for parents to be educated on the most widely used drugs being used by American teenagers.

What Are The Most Widely used Drugs In America? Read Below for An Intimate Look at America’s Most used Drugs.

  • Heroin – The brain converts heroin into morphine. This means that the brain binds molecules into cells that affect how we perceive pain and reward. However, heroin is easy to overdose on as it slows the user’s heart rate to fatally low beats-per-minute.
  • Cocaine – It only takes moments for cocaine to flood the brain with the feel-good chemical known as dopamine. In fact, the sensation of pleasure is so intense that studies show animals choose it over food until they starve to death.
  • Nicotine – With the main ingredient being tobacco, nicotine is sucked through the lungs with drug effect peaking at 10 seconds. Since the pleasures felt from smoking are so fleeting, the user must smoke frequently. The frequency of which one must use causes users to become addicted, almost instantly.
  • Barbiturates – Barbiturates are prescribed for those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia. However, at low doses, barbiturates can give users the sensation of euphoria. Moreover, large doses of use slow down the user’s heart rate to fatally low beats-per-minute – similar to large doses of heroin .
  • Alcohol – slows users thinking, breathing and heart rate. The drug interferes with messengers in the brain called ‘excitatory’ messengers, while simultaneously boosting ‘inhibitory’ messengers, giving the user feelings of pleasure. Alcohol is perhaps the most used drugs out there and causes thousands of deaths per year.

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Ranking drugs based on how addictive they are is tough work because we all react differently to substances. But a group of addiction experts — including specialists from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, as well as chemists, forensic scientists, and pharmacologists — recently took a stab. Their ranking is published in the journal The Lancet. The results might surprise you. see the article titled:  “Most addictive drugs”

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