Kids With ADHD Do Better With Therapy First

Early behavior therapy can significantly help children with A.D.H.D. This is according to a May 2016 report by the CDC. In fact, the CDC is now calling on more doctors to recommend behavior therapy for young kids with ADHD.

“Behavior therapy gives these children a better chance,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, Principal Deputy at the CDC, in a recent news conference. “It not only helps to improve symptoms in young children with DHD but is also an effective medicine, with no side effects.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics is the other organization that has come out to advocate for behavior therapy as a treatment option for children with ADHD. In the organization’s 2011 guidelines, it recommends behavior therapy as the first line of treatment for children with ADHD.  Despite their efforts, however, the number of kids receiving behavior therapy for ADHD has stagnated in recent years. In 2015, for example, 75% of children receiving ADHD treatment received medication but less than half of them received any form of psychological services.

How Behavior Therapy Can Help

Attention Deficit/Hypersensitivity Disorder (ADHD) is a biological disorder that causes impulsiveness, hypersensitivity, and attention problems, especially in children. According to the CDC, there are currently about 6 million people with ADHD in the USA, with 2 million of these being children under 6 years. Studies suggest that children diagnosed with the condition at an early age are at the biggest disadvantage and must therefore get early treatment.

Behavior therapy involves parents’ training by a professional on strategies that they can apply to encourage positive behavior while discouraging negative behavior in their children. Over the eight or more training sessions, parents will also learn how to improve communication and strengthen their relationship the child.

If correctly applied, these behavioral skills can positively impact the child’s performance in school, at home, and even in relationships by improving self-esteem, self control, and behavior.

Therapy Before Medication!

And experts now concur that the best way out is to start with behavior therapy even before medication is prescribed. Beginning with behavior therapy is also less expensive in the long run. According to a study by the Florida International University, children who start off with behavioral modification always do significantly better at the end, no matter the treatment combination.

It is a major decision for the parent to make but the evidence is clear; behavior therapy first gives your loved one a better chance.  Let us help, Please call Toll Free:855-290-9681

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