New Personality Disorders Caused By The Internet And How We Can Help

The Internet Is Linked To A Rise In Personality Disorders

The internet has evolved into an ever-present part of our world. This rise in popularity has brought about an increase in the number of personality disorders. These disorders range from mild to very destructive and have not been seen by medical professionals until just the past few years.

One of the disorders labeled ‘Nomophobia’ which is abbreviated from ‘no-mobile-phobia’. This occurs when a mobile phone dies and there is no outlet to recharge it. In some, this can cause a full-on anxiety attack. This disorder has been having increased negative impacts on people’s lives.

Other common personality disorders, especially among young people are Facebook Depression. A study conducted showed depression among young people is directly related to how much time they are on Facebook. One reason for this is the amounts of good news people post making others feel like their lives are not measuring up.

Internet Addiction Disorder is another of the personality disorders showing up and is yet another unhealthy effect from the internet. This is when excessive use of the internet interferes with everyday life. Internet addiction can be attributed to poor coping skills, low self-esteem, and low self-efficacy or one’s belief in their ability to succeed.

Help Is Available For Struggling Teens

If your struggling teenager is showing signs of these personality disorders and life has just become too challenging for them causing outbursts or withdrawals, there is help. At Elevations RTC there is support and guidance available for boys and girls between 13 and 17 years of age. They are there for you to help your son or daughter suffering from any challenging event stemming from mental health problems, emotional disorders, substance use, or one of the many other causes disrupting theirs and your lives.

Elevations RTC provides a combination of personalized care with intense psychiatric treatments. They are specialized in addressing specific problems of the young and can help your troubled teen build the skills they need to regain self-confidence and reconnect with their lives. They can provide clinical groups as an approach to specific problems and education opportunities to build confidence and resiliency.

If you are a parent of a teen in trouble, this is the team to call for help.  They have been helping troubled teens regain self-worth through proven therapeutic methods and are there for you. Call us today at 855-290-9681.

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