The Sex Talk: The Best Way to Approach Your Teen

How Can I Start Talking to my Kids About Sexuality?

It’s a problem that has plagued parents for decades: How do I talk to my teenager about sex? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), as of 2011, 47.7% of teens were sexually active; Clearly, the topic of teen sex is not one that parents can skip. From birth control to STDs, the following is designed to help you find a way that allows you and your teen to discuss the importance of safe sex comfortably.

When Should I Have “The Sex Talk” With My Teen?

It is important to understand that talking to your teen about sex and sexuality is not a one-time conversation. It’s an evolving conversation that should start as early as possible, using information that is age-appropriate. This makes it easier for a child to understand that sex is not a shameful act, but one that is a completely natural part of emotional and human development. Breaking the ice and getting this conversation out in the open will also make it easier to discuss the more intimate aspects of sex as they get older.

If you haven’t started to talk with your teen about sex, it is time. It is critical that you provide information that is useful, truthful, and accurate. While it is important to teach age-appropriate sexual relations, you should also keep in mind that 70% of teens have had sex by their nineteenth birthday. As a result, you have to provide information about the probability of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, as well as how to effectively prevent them both. Elevations RTC can help parents that may have a troubled or defiant teen in need of intervention and therapy.

How to Make the Sex Talk Conversation More Comfortable?

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