This is NOT what a Life with Asperger’s is Like

Listening to some news reports, society is getting the impression that a diagnosis of Asperger’s is a sign your child is going to commit some violent act. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Children with Asperger’s, especially when very young, do have meltdowns that resemble violent tantrums, but once they get older and have been taught how to express emotions in a healthier manner, violence is not a normal part of the Asperger’s personality. Here are some ideas that are falsely related to the personality of your Asperger’s child, and the truth.

Defiant Behavior

A child with Asperger’s is often questioning regarding rules but is rarely outright defiant. The fact is that rules and fairness are an important part of functioning for these individuals. Once an answer is received and processed about a questioned rule, the individual will follow that rule to the letter, and inform others who don’t that they are breaking the rule. The rebellion that often sets in for 13-17-year-olds is not normally an issue for the Asperger’s teen. If defiance and rule-breaking are present, the cause is something else.


A person with Asperger’s is rarely violent. They are more likely to express anger by shutting themselves away in their bedroom or emotionally “shutting down”. Emotion is difficult for an individual with Asperger’s to process – and to display. If your teen is participating in violent behavior, there is another cause that needs to be explored.

Drugs and Alcohol

Part of the adherence to rules keeps most individuals with Asperger’s away from drugs and alcohol. They are not prone to the influence of their peers but proceed through life on the path they feel is best. Any drug or alcohol use by your teen with Asperger’s is a result of something else, such as depression.

Final Thoughts

An individual with Asperger’s isn’t likely to go through the “typical” teen rebellion, let alone the extreme behaviors. If your young teen is acting out or participating in the above activities, or any similar ones, there is something else going on inside.

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