Ways To Deal With Teen Depression

The world can be very overwhelming and daunting to a teen or young adult. There are so many new thoughts and feelings to sort through and along with the changes that a teen’s body is going through at this time, this can be a lot to take on. Many teens begin to feel like they are alone in this journey and they become overwhelmed. Depression can set in and studies show that one in twenty teens experience depression to some degree. When this depression begins to interfere with your child’s grades, social life and happiness, it may be time to step in and help your child get the help that they desperately need.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As a treatment option for mild to moderate depression, cognitive behavioral therapy is often something parents try with their teens to start out with. Within about four to six weeks, professionals and parents should be able to see if the therapy is going to work for their teen. Other treatment options can be used in addition to CBT including prescription antidepressants.


Medication is not always a first defense for teen depression but there are instances when a doctor or therapist will recommend this option. For teens who are struggling with mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, medication such as Prozac should be used and monitored very closely. Usually, cognitive behavioral therapy is used in conjunction with medications to provide well rounded care. The medication may not be a life sentence. Usually, after about six months to one year the patient is reevaluated and sometimes weaned off the medication.

Treatment Facilities

In more severe and extreme cases of teen depression, teens may become suicidal or severely affected by their depression. There are specialized treatment facilities such as Elevations RTC, that deal specifically with troubled teens. An education program that is psychiatric based, these types of facilities help teens who are dealing with depression, drug use, addiction, learning disorders and mental health disorders. Sometimes the burden of care can be too much for parents to handle anymore and a treatment facility can help get teens back on the right track while involving the families in the process.

Teen depression is something that can come and go. Everyone, even adults, experience sadness or anxiety at different points in their life but when the depression is causing your teen to sleep more, withdraw from. Toll Free: 855-290-9681

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