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Elevations RTC - Struggling teen boy in need of academic recovery

Elevations RTC is a residential treatment center and fully accredited, academic treatment program for New Jersey teenage boys and girls. When adolescent boys and girls from New Jersey are wrestling with typical teenager pressures, parents often turn to residential treatment centers for assistance. At Elevations RTC, we have developed a program that is designed to bring about the best results possible for troubled youth dealing with a wide variety of issues.This recovery not only minimizes the chance of your teenager running away or being influenced by unsupportive peers, but also gives an uninterrupted atmosphere where students can gain perspective, grow up, and achieve an improved level of maturity while addressing behavioral obstacles.

utahAlthough Elevations may be located outside of New Jersey, Elevations accepts enrollments from at-risk adolescent boys and girls from all over the US. Also, it is beneficial to have struggling teenage boys and girls receive service away from the harmful influence of their unsupportive peer group. We know from experience that relocating your adolescent to an out-of-state, distraction-free setting has historically caused the greatest success.

If your adolescent is dealing with self-harm, addiction and/or self-harming behaviors, we have the resources to help. Spending just a short time with us will assist your son or daughter come to terms with their emotional and poor academics while also directing them to building the life skills necessary to avoid future problems.

At Elevations, our facility and therapeutic services offer the perfect environment for helping teens reconnect to a healthy and meaningful life. Call Today 1.855.290.9681.

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Mental Health Residential Treatment

1 – The intensive therapy we offer will get your teenager’s life back on track – The foundation of any great residential treatment facility are the therapy options that help children overcome the mental and emotional core issues that led to their poor behavior. The right type therapy can change the way a boy or girl looks at the world and help them regain control over their life.

2 – Our academics will ensure your adolescent catches up in school (grade repair and credit recovery) – Educational success is an incredibly important factor in the future opportunities your child will enjoy. It is Recovering teen feeling inspired at a therapeutic facility for at-risk adolescentsimportant to keep this in mind and select a therapeutic program like Elevations, that puts emphasis on success in the classroom. You will be shocked at how different your child’s attitude towards school is when they return from our program.

3 – We have a proven track record of success – When selecting a clinical program for your teen, it is important to choose one that has proven itself capable of really make a difference in the lives of struggling teenage boys and girls. At Elevations, we have the experience and carefully designed programs necessary to really make a difference.

Therapeutic Programs for Depression

Trying to decide if a teenager from New Jersey needs service from a residential treatment facility can be very difficult. Often parents are reluctant to seek out licensed assistance, but in many cases it is the only thing that will bring about substantial mental health improvement. If your son or daughter is wrestling with a serious issue like substance use, pain medication addiction, uncontrolled anger, self-harming behaviors, or debilitating depression, then it might be the right time to consider a processing traumatic memories through EMDR treatment facility like Elevations RTC. With our service, hundreds of adolescent boys and girls from New Jersey have restored their lives and returned home better than ever.

Rehabilitation and Assistance We Offer

 Safe Environment with Specialized Care
 Gender Specific Treatment
 Psychiatric Evaluation & Assessment
 Continuum of Therapeutic Care
 Psychiatric Counseling
 Psychological Counseling
 Medical Supervision
 Individual & Group Therapy
 Family Therapy
 Emotional Growth Counseling
 Recreational Therapy
 Life Skills Development
 New Coping Skills
 Sober Life Support Systems

Struggling Adolescent Issues and Disorders Treated

Happy teenagers transforming at a therapeutic facility for at-risk adolescents Non-compliant Behavior
 Substance Use Counseling
 Addictions Treatment
 Co-Occuring Psychiatric Issues
 Depressions and Bipolar
 Emotional Disturbances
 Thought Disorders
 Impulsive & Compulsive Behavior
 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
 Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
 Eating Disorders
 Boundary Problems
 School Failure & Learning Disabilities
 Learning Differences
 Asperger’s Syndrome – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Residential Treatment for Adolescents from New Jersey

Getting immediate intervention is important for any at-risk adolescent from New Jersey wrestling with a deteriorating emotional or mental health crisis; when your child is in crisis it is important that parents don’t hesitate to act. Getting the right assistance can rehabilitate your boy or girl’s life and ensure that they live up to their full potential. At Elevations, we are positive that our therapeutic program will be able to make a difference in your child’s life. Elevations RTC is a superior residential treatment center and fully accredited, academic treatment program, providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to teens in New Jersey wrestling with sleep disorders, alcohol use/overuse, and/or poor academics. Contact one of our licensed intake counselors at (855) 290-9681 today!

 Our therapeutic resources are specifically tailored to help struggling teens.  Call 1.855.290.9681

Assistance for Parents of Struggling Youth in New Jersey

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – NAMI, the country’s most comprehensive grassroots mental health association, is devoted to creating healthier lives for the countless number of Americans touched by mental illness.

Psychology Today – Psychology Today is devoted solely to everybody’s preferred subject: Themselves. At PsychologyToday, we have gathered choice psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and authors in our field to share their insights and thoughts on what makes all of us “tick.”

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Trust your instincts. If you feel your teen is involved in activities that are dangerous to themselves or others, get help. (855) 290-9681

New Jersey Resources for Parents and Struggling Adolescents

New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services: The Division is responsible for the development, coordination and operational support of a comprehensive mental health and addiction services system. The Division administers the State aid program, which provides funding for the treatment of indigent patients, and reviews programs standards at county operated psychiatric hospitals. Recent advances in understanding substance use and mental health disorders emphasize that while these diseases are powerfully interactive and inter-related, systems of care have historically treated them on an individual basis. This fragmented approach to care contributed to the stigma related to these illnesses and has resulted in several lost opportunities to produce accessible and integrated care for the clients that seek services.

Elevations RTC is the first choice for New Jersey parents investigating a superior Residential Treatment Center and Fully-accredited, Academic Treatment Program to offer assistance to their struggling child experiencing pain medication addiction, self-harming behaviors, or narcissistic behavior. Because working with highly resistant teenage boys and girls is challenging, most programs rely on punishments and other behavioral techniques to manage a student‘s behavior. Here at Elevations, we recognize that the experiences of one at-risk child doesn’t always apply to all of our students. Through our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Elevations is devoted to the management of each teenager’s needs; and we do this with professionalism and care.

Families from New Jersey have made Elevations RTC their first choice for child recovery and service. Parents, investigating assistance for their child, can expect a team of compassionate, expert therapists and leaders here at Elevations. Elevations operates from the understanding that “recovery” must come from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. Through our processing traumatic memories through EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we are devoted to providing assistance to not only teenage boys and girls wrestling with alcohol use/overuse, self-harming behaviors, or poor academics, but also the entire family; with the service they need for lasting recovery.

Our Therapeutic Treatment Facility has shown to cause life changing results for our students and their families. Through our top-notch processing traumatic memories through EMDR and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, struggling adolescent boys and girls can grow to be healthy adults, and Elevations’ students can emerge as strong people who are motivated to succeed. Elevations recognizes that the entire family needs the service that our expert therapists give; so that your child can be restored and whole. Elevations’s intake counselors can be reached immediately at (855) 290-9681.